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Ways to Write Smart and Catchy Content for Sales

The very first thing to communicate with you readers and viewers is content. Content lays the foundation of any platform where it is being conveyed. It has to be worth attractive and should hold the audience. You need to put all your efforts in pulling them towards the product or service.

Be specific towards your content and give useful information that motivates the customers to buy or avail of your product or services respectively.

Here are few tips to write an effective content to grab the attention of your potential and already existing customers.

1. Headline Writing

The first encounter of any reader with the content will be through headline. You need to give your 70% over here. Headline should encourage your customer to make a call to action. Let’s see what should be the context in writing the heading.

Start with the 4 U’s:

  • Useful

It should be giving useful information that directs the customer towards the product of service. This must trigger the need of the target audience.

  • Urgent

Your headline should be showing an urgent call to action while selling your product or service.

  • Unique

No one reads the content unless or until it has some uniqueness. Remember odd things are always given attention.

  • Ultra-Specific

Your lines should not be vague and must direct the audience towards the specific product or service. Your content should solve the query of the customer. It must have correct product or service information.

2. Use common spelling

The use of common spelling won’t confuse your target audience. So don’t make the words short where they are not needed or use a different spelling. Use correct spellings for the specific words. The use of wrong spellings would convey your message in a wrong manner.


  • nite for night
  • 2moro for tomorrow
  • @ for at
  • pleez for please
  • thru for through

Unlike tweets and text messages, which require brevity and LOL acronyms, longer copy requires fewer distractions to connect with your audience.

3. Avoid hyperbole and fancy words

Use a low and polite tone to convey your message to your peers. The message should not look commanding but it should be relatable to the customers. They must feel personalised with the message.

Avoid putting high vocabulary and using words that shows you are trying it too hard. Sound smart and important.

4. Put the reader first

Our work as a copywriter is to tap into our customers need, hopes, want, dreams and fears. Here you need to research a little to get into the shoe of your audience. Prefer the magic of word “You”. Personalise your audience to let them relate with your product or service.

5. Write in a natural way

This is the crucial and bona fide tip for all the bloggers and copywriters.

You should talk the words of your audience, and use the language that shows you are a genuine person, with true interest in offering your assistance and expertise.

This is the way your audience is going to develop trust over you and like you.

Always come with the solutions to their problems. Get to know about the problems that are being searched and how you can rectify them or provide ways to your audience to root them out.

Know your audience through every perspective. Research, research, and research.

6. Work from an outline

Prefer AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) to outline your concept. However, if you are not using this, frame your objectives and plan your content according to those objectives.

Even something is simple as a post. Use bullet points to have an idea about the context of the content. Successful writers use a blueprint. This helps you to stick to the keypoints and doen’t throttle creativity. In fact, it will help you think better.

7. Write with nouns and verbs

Be precised and specific in your language don’t beat around the bush.

Use adverbs and adjectives as fillers. Use crisp and clear message.

Use KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) whenever needed.

The more descriptors you use in your content the more distracting it will become to your audience. You can use description only when something is more descriptive or technical.

8. Revise and rewrite

Always read your copy before sending it to publishing. The more you read the more polished it will be. Remember the more we revise the more we learn.

Use this fact here, and always edit your content to have a better insight.

9. Do not overwrite

Don’t overwrite the copy. Understand better and put your thoughts in synchronisation to the objective. If you haven’t explained it better you didn’t understand it better.

10. Do not overstate

Superlatives can ruin your copy.

Over stating or exaggerating will lose the trust of your audience. Don’t commit what your product or service can’t provide. Be truthful and promising. Don’t sell it by being over smart.

Don’t create a hype of your product or service. Understated promise wins the attention many times.

11. Be clear

Let that display glass shine.

Get your content polished till you are not satisfied. Make it more refined through editing. Also try having a printout to see it in different manner. This may help you in catching the difference.

12. Don’t mix metaphors

Use one metaphor at a time. Stick to that metaphor and don’t merge it with another.

13. Simplify your language:

Make every word enlighten.

Remove the words that just window dress.

Be great copywriter!

Plan and write your content by using these tips to build a sound and polished copy. Good luck! It’s out for sales.


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